Questions To Ask On Your First Montessori Child Care Center Tour

What should you ask during a Montessori child care center tour? According to the National Center for Montessori in the Public Center, over 3,000 of these schools help children to learn, grow, and develop across the country. If you're ready to join the many parents who have chosen Montessori for their children, take a look at the questions to ask when you visit each daycare program.

What Type of Parent Communication Does the School Offer?

You likely want to know what your child does during the time they spend at the Montessori daycare center. But sometimes your child doesn't, or can't, communicate a full day's worth of activities. Instead of guessing what your child did at school, you need to communicate with the teacher or other educational staff members. 

Along with daily updates on activities, you also need information on your child's development. From academics and cognitive, social, emotional, and physical changes, you can ask about how Montessori daycare can help your child to build new skills. An open line of communication can help you to better understand your child's growth. It can also provide you with insights and answers to developmental questions you may already have. These could include which areas your child excels in and which one they may need to work on.

As you tour the center, ask your guide how teachers, staff members, and administration/the director typically communicates with parents if there is a weekly e-newsletter or whether the teacher will email you. Can you talk to the educator daily at pick-up? Your tour guide can provide you with details on the communication process and what to expect.

Who Teaches the Students?

If a teacher is your tour guide, ask the early childhood educator about their background. But if a director or other senior staff member takes you on a tour of the school, you will need to ask questions about the qualifications and credentials of the staff.

A Montessori daycare center teacher should have an educational background in child development, learning and instruction, early childhood, or a similar area. They should also have specialized training in the Montessori philosophy. Along with their education/training, look for teachers to have hands-on, real-life experience working with children in the toddler or pre-K age ranges. This experience could include internships, externships, student teaching, or past employment.

What Are the Program's Health and Safety Standards?

Academics and overall child development aren't the only aspects of the Montessori program you need to learn more about. Your child's health and safety are crucial. Talk to your guide about what plans the school has in place to ensure student health. These could include cleaning and disinfection, the use of face masks, hand washing, and sick child policies. You may see some of these precautions (such as cleaning or disinfection) in action during your tour. 

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