3 Tips For Helping Your ADHD Child Complete Homework

Most parents know that homework plays an important role in the educational process. Completing some schoolwork at home allows a child to reinforce and reiterate important concepts learned in the classroom. While many children do not enjoy doing their homework, getting a child with an attention disorder to complete homework assignments can be especially difficult.

Here are three tips that you can use to help your ADHD child more successfully complete his or her homework in the future.

1. Increase the novelty of your child's homework.

When your child knows what to expect from a homework lesson, it can be challenging for him or her to maintain focus throughout the lesson. You can combat this attention deficit by making it a point to increase the novelty of your child's homework.

Try creating flashcards with information that must be learned to turn homework into a game. You can also work with your child to create new places in which homework can be completed in order to maintain environmental stimulation. Keeping homework lessons novel and interesting will help your ADHD child maintain engagement as he or she completes homework assignments in the future.

2. Incorporate physical activity into your child's homework lessons.

Children with ADHD often find it difficult to sit still for long periods of time. You can use your child's desire for movement as a way to encourage learning by incorporating physical activity into homework lessons.

Allow your child to act out certain concepts that are being taught through homework assignments, or try breaking homework sessions up into short bursts that are followed by periods of physical engagement. Letting your child be more physical during homework lessons could help him or her complete these homework lessons more effectively in the future.

3. Use attention-grabbing techniques.

When you are able to incorporate the use of attention-grabbing techniques into your homework sessions, you can help your ADHD child more effectively complete his or her lessons.

Try using your child's name frequently when explaining homework lessons or giving instructions. Stand close to your child and touch him or her on the shoulder as you help with the mastery of educational concepts. These attention-grabbing techniques will help your child maintain focus and complete homework assignments more easily in the future.

Being able to help your ADHD child complete his or her homework more effectively can contribute to greater learning and understanding of vital concepts. Try making homework assignments more novel, incorporating physical activity into homework sessions, and using attention-grabbing techniques as your child works through homework assignments in the future.

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